What If Your Blood Sugars Could Be Predictable?
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How To Achieve Stable And "In Range" Blood Sugars... The Smart Way
How To Achieve Stable And "In Range" Blood Sugars... The Smart Way
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What's Included When You Buy Today:
  • ​3 Months of DETAILED daily pages to get those pesky blood sugars to STAY IN RANGE.
  • ​12 Weeks of organization and motivational quotes to keep you going when you want to quit.
  • ​Organizational monthly calendars to remember doctor's appointments and medicine refills.
  • ​Room for notes and personalizing YOUR journal
Thorough overview on Diabetes Mindset and Mental Health
Detailed chapter on understanding metabolism and nutrition
In-Depth understanding of fitness and it's affect on blood sugars
Full pages of Diabetes Management Tips and Tricks
 SPECIAL BONUS: Instant access to a video training on stable and predictable blood sugars
Bonus #1: 
"Living Fearlessly" ebook
"Living Fearlessly" (ebook)
When you purchase the Trending Health Journal right now, you also get instant access to my ebook, "Living Fearlessly: How To Defeat Your Fear Of Low Blood Sugars"! Inside this ebook, I share my own experiences with mental health struggles, as well as the strategies and tools that helped me when I needed it.

Bonus #2: 
"Healthy And Whole" ebook
"Healthy And Whole: Smoothie Guide" (ebook)
Ever been sitting in front of your blender, wondering how to put together one of those delicious smoothies, and then ended up opting out for a lesser-than-healthy quick breakfast? This ebook guides you through making healthy AND delicious smoothies!

Use This Health Journal To Lower Your A1C, Stabilize Blood Sugars, And THRIVE!
The Trending Health Journal Will Help You To...
  • ​Lower your A1C
  • ​Keep your blood sugars in range longer
  • Maintain predictable blood sugars
  • Understand what causes fluctuations in your blood sugars
  • ​Live fearlessly
  • ​Allow you to focus more of your attention on actually ENJOYING life!
Trending Health Journal User Benefits:
Stable Blood Sugars
Increased Insulin Sensitivity
Lower A1C
Peace Of Mind
Weight Loss
Detailed Insight Of Self
Here's What You'll Learn From Using This Amazing Journal:
  • Understand the madness behind the numbers. Find out what causes fluctuations in your blood sugars and how to avoid them.
  • Notice Trends and patterns in your every day life that can lead to bigger discoveries in blood sugar management. 
  • Use the introductory chapter on nutrition to better plan your meals for stable blood sugars throughout your day.
  • Read up on how different types of fitness or sports can have varying affects on blood sugars, insulin sensitivity, and weight loss.
  • Realize that living with diabetes can be a heavy load to bear, and learn more about healthy coping mechanisms, signs and symptoms, and strategies for a healthier mindset surrounding diabetes. 
  • Discover diabetes management tips and tricks for your everyday life that will allow you to live more freely.
  • Document your progress and keep track of your journey, keeping notice of the patterns of insulin sensitivity and resistance as a result of varying activities. 
  • How to become the best version of yourself, not just as a person living with diabetes, but as a whole. 
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